I work in a very high stress environment with tight deadlines and management of staff, in a position where I have to learn new skills on a daily basis and conduct meetings with executives in the company. I was pretty worried about being able to do everything expected of me. I started to recognize when I was beginning to feel that anxious, panicky feeling, and would take the Adapt before I had to present at a meeting, or accomplish a particularly difficult task or learn something new and needed to absorb a lot of information. It has calmed me down, helped me to feel positive and in control, and [enabled me] to have more mental clarity. I can learn more quickly and absorb information beyond what I felt capable of. I am so grateful. This product is an absolute blessing. I don’t know how to thank you enough for how it has changed my life and the lives of my family. To us, it is an absolute miracle!

J Harker – Utah, USA

I just wanted to share something I’m really thankful for this morning. As most of you know, I experience anxiety and depression. It’s something that doesn’t seem to fit me, and there’s no room for it in my life plans. But it’s there nonetheless and is something I constantly am trying to heal from. Anxiety and depression, being what it is, is not something I can fight off all at once. Sometimes, I can’t even try. But I can definitely do things to prevent me from getting to a place where it’s easier to experience those terrible things.

After a day of giving massages and investing my whole self into the care of others’ well-being (any caregivers out there that can relate?) I can be exhausted physically and mentally. I know that if I don’t get the sleep I need, if I let my mind wander without keeping it in check, if I stress and worry about things I can’t change, if I don’t get the right nutrients to my brain and body, I’m not doing much to help myself overcome this challenge. Today, I am so, so grateful for this little bottle of Adapt.

It helps my body balance serotonin and melatonin–two very important parts of a correctly functioning body. It’s natural, non-addictive and non-drowsy. It helps improve mood and optimism, emotional energy, sleep patterns and REM sleep, sharpens mental focus, gut and brain health and lessens stress and anxiety. So basically, it helps me with all of my problem areas listed above. I know anxiety and depression is such a struggle and working with a medical doctor can be good. But you have so much power in yourself and so many resources available to you. This has helped me immensely and I am so grateful for the blessing in my life that is Adapt!

Melissa H. – Idaho, USA



I have an 11 year old grandson who suffers from ADHD. He has a hard time with behavioral issues at home and at school. My daughter decided to introduce Adapt to him after we attended a workshop where you discussed the product and how it has helped other people with anxiety, sleep, etc. We especially loved the fact it was all natural because he had suffered from severe side effects from other medications. They had taken him off of all other medications because the side effects were worse than the problem itself. She gave my grandson Adapt and the next day (unbelievable!), got an email from his teacher, asking what she was doing differently because he was focused, happy, content and able to complete his assignments. Not thinking it was possible for something to work this quickly, she decided to watch and see if his performance at school was improving. It did! This has changed his life. He is overcoming the behavioral issues both at home and at school. He does have to make sure that he includes Adapt as a daily regimen. Because he does, he is a much happier boy. He is very intelligent and it was hard to see him not be able to focus. Now he completes his assignments quickly, can manage his personal relationships better and is in a really good place personally. We feel like we have seen him change right before our eyes. His self-confidence has improved; he has shown better self-esteem and is genuinely a happier person. This is life changing for their family and we are so grateful because we can see a path for him to have a productive, successful future.

J Harker – Utah, USA

This product has worked miracles for my family. My son has trouble focusing in school, staying on task, talking to his peers… We tried medication years ago and it gave him tics. We tried this product and things have never been better! His teachers keep commenting on how well he is doing and his tics have almost completely gone away. #weloveAdapt it changed our life!

Amy and John – Idaho, USA

Our kids have trouble focusing, especially with homework. I don’t sleep well. With Adapt that is all being fixed. Adapt is a tasteless spray that you mist under your tongue, it balances out your serotonin and melatonin levels. There is absolutely nothing like this out there. Feedback, from others with kids with autism and focus related problems, is that it is helping reduce their symptoms and is helping with clarity of thought and calming them down.

Wesley Z. – Colorado, USA

One of my boys has ADHD. We don’t often talk about it using the term ‘ADHD’, especially to him, but we’ve struggled for a few years to try a find something that helps him without all the negative side effects of medication. I felt like we tried quite a few things but we didn’t find anything that helped him too much (besides medication along with its negative side effects) until we found Adapt. It has completely changed things for us. His teacher immediately noticed a change in his ability to focus and stay on task. We’ve never found anything that has worked so well and has NO negative side effects. It’s all natural and with such simple ingredients I wasn’t sure if it would help him that much, but we are so blessed we found it. After it started helping him, I decided to try it. At the time I was about 8 or 9 months postpartum and was on anti-depressants. It helped my depression and I was able to go off the medication fairly quickly. It’s helped us with anxiety as well. It works by naturally balancing serotonin and melatonin in the body. It has worked so well for us I just thought I should share. Sometimes people are dealing with things we don’t know about and ADHD, depression, and anxiety are too common. If you struggle I hope you find something that’s helped you the way this has helped us. – Demetria S. – California, USA

I found a keeper…absolute goodness in a bottle.  Bonus…can instantly reduce panic attacks…give focus for ADHD…naturally helps the body balance its serotonin & melatonin the way your body was designed to do, THANK YOU ADAPT!

Aina D. – New Hampshire


Such and improvement to my quality of sleep and overall mood!! #iloveAdapt. One thing about me. I need more sleep than the average person. I’ve been a napper my whole life. I’ve spent my life being tired. I dream about sleep.

I’ve come to understand that it’s not necessarily about how much sleep I get, but the quality of sleep I’m getting. I started using Adapt about 5 months ago, and experienced an immediate change. I’m now sleeping deeper, with more REM time, and more peacefully. I wake up refreshed. Adapt is an adaptogen mist that regulates serotonin and melatonin levels naturally. If you are always tired, you might want to give this a try. A good night’s sleep (repeated every single night) is magical…and life changing.

Shaina N – Colorado, USA 




I wanted to write to you to let you know our experience with Adapt and how it has blessed my family – in so many ways. We especially love that it is all-natural and healthy. My nephew came to live with us at a time when he was trying to overcome a drug addiction. He was on high doses of prescription drugs for anxiety. At the time, he was almost completely unable to function and kept falling back into depression and dependency on the prescription to get him through the day. We introduced Adapt to him and he decided to try it instead of the medication to see if it would help. He told me that the first time he tried it, within just a few minutes he could feel himself calm down and feel more in control. Over several weeks he eventually completely went off of his prescription, and used Adapt throughout the day when he felt anxiety or depression coming on. He felt more positive, able to be more productive and did not suffer from the anxiety he had felt before. For the first time in over a year he was able to hold down a full time job, and be successful in it as well. He totally attributed this to Adapt and is back to a more productive way of life, off of any kind of drug, and feeling more positive and in control.

J Harker – Utah, USA

Still going great with getting down to my #weight goal. I am at my lightest this year. I cannot remember the last time I tasted DR Pepper, or had a candy bar. Over a year for both at minimum. My whole #health and #lifestyle changed when I decided it was time to kick all the added sugar to the curb. I sleep better, (thanks to Adapt), less irritable and I am slowly getting my cardio back.

Richard F. – Maine, USA


Last month was tough for me. Long story short, I have suffered from depression for years. Many times it gets so bad that I literally can’t do anything! It constantly makes me question myself and my abilities. It has caused me to make unhealthy choices and a good night’s sleep is hard to come by.

Since I started using this product I have had an increase of good and productive days, and have been sleeping better at night. I tried conserving Adapt by taking only small quantities, & wasn’t being consistent, but the last few days I’ve doubled the doses, and I am back to feeling like a normal human being! Now it’s time to refocus and get back on track!

Bridgette C. – Colorado, USA

Adapt has blessed my life in so many ways! I can get up in the mornings instead of dragging myself out of bed. My depression is held at bay and I don’t have anxiety issues! An all natural remedy to better sleep, better health is so amazing!

Kim L. – California, USA

I feel stressed out, I’m tired, I didn’t sleep well last night, my mood isn’t the best, these are situations that we have constantly. “Not anymore!” I want the magnificent effect it has one product Adapt. Why [do] I emphasize this product? By its multiple benefits: improves the emotional state, restores patterns that help you sleep better, improves focus and decreases the stress and anxiety levels. I say this as the experience since I am a loyal consumer of the product. Since I usually [lead] a lifestyle pretty hectic at work, master classes and online courses and not forgetting the basketball morning workouts. Then: seriously I can do all that in one day?  If, I can do it and it is thanks to the benefits of Adapt .

Alex P. – Pennsylvania, USA

Adapt naturally balances melatonin and serotonin levels and I use it for both [my] girls differently. My fiery red head, Kairi, is highly active and has the hardest time going to sleep at night (loves to stay up) and of course, waking her up in the morning for school is a pain. I give her Adapt before bed and she sleeps so soundly and has been awake in the mornings ON. HER. OWN. Ready to go! My other daughter, Simralin, is a very sensitive and emotional child. I give her Adapt in the morning and she doesn’t have her crying spells as well as emotional tantrums. She’s just happier! I love the help Adapt gives my girls!

Becky F. – Idaho, USA







2 nights earlier – compliments of Adapt – adaptogen spray mist, which not only balances my melatonin and serotonin and gives me a great night’s sleep, but *also* gives me crazy creative dreams!! – I had had a dream that I had gotten arrested!!!  So there I am on the very full flight to Vegas, thinking that I’ll find a seat at the very back of the plane. Alas, the only seat available was between these 2 very muscular and tattooed men who were flying with a group of their friends to Vegas. You might call that dream of mine, a premonition. I discovered that I was sitting smack dab in the middle of TWELVE police officers!!  As I was talking with Mike (or ‘Big Mike’, as I like to think of him) and was laughing about my dream of having been arrested, he chuckles as he’s looking at me and suddenly – as though finding myself in front of a priest in a confessional – I quickly look back up at him and quip, “I never have, by the way!!”. He laughs again, “Uuuuhhhh, yeah. I figured that. You don’t seem quite the type!!” This has made the difference in my sleep, waking up happy and feeling like me again. It’s hard having your hormones out of whack.

Freddy D. – Connecticut, USA



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