The Arego System

Much like a launching a rocket, success at at any business, requires a lot of effort to get successfully off the ground, but once in space, the rocket requires little energy to maintain its course. Learn how to launch your business successfully with Arego!

STEP 1: Find your why

The most important thing to do is find your why. Your why will be your motivation. It will keep you going when things get tough and enable you to keep pursuing your dreams.

WHY are you a Marketing Partner with Arego Life™?

Those who have a clear picture of why they are Marketing Partners will achieve the most success. Studies have shown that those who imagine themselves exactly where they want to be, will eventually end getting there.

Click here to fill out a quick worksheet that will help you find you why.

STEP 2: Schedule your launch

Schedule your launch party! Do this within your first three days. Make sure to schedule your launch party no more than 10 days away.

STEP 3: Make a list

Remember, at Arego Life™, we are sorting, not selling.

We are looking for people who are WANTING to try something new and better their lives. We are not looking to change people. Invite as many people as you can to your launch party!

Click here to access a quick memory jogger that will help you make a list.

STEP 4: Follow-up

Follow-up after launch with those that attended! Remember to check back in with those that attend your launch party.

Do a three-way call. The call should include you, your upline, and the person you are following-up with on the call.

STEP 5: Events

Every event is one of a kind: It has never happened before and will never happen again.

Keep things moving forward! Every meeting should point to the next event.

Arego hosts many events, including: weekly trainings, opportunity meetings, testimonial meetings, regional meetings, and convention, as well as other launch events. Make sure to stay in the know so that you always know what’s coming next!

STEP 6: repeat

Next, repeat steps 1-5! If you commit to using this proven system, you will enable yourself with the best chance for achieving your goals!

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