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Start here! Master the Arego Climb and see how daily disciplines can change your day-to-day.

Who are we?

Over 40 years ago, researchers studied field mice to determine why they only reproduced during a short period of time during the spring. They discovered it was their diet. They were eating the early spring growth of grasses, called monocots.

Researchers were able to identify a specific group of polyphenols found exclusively in the young monocot plants. These polyphenols act as adaptogens that naturally allow your body to modulate all of your serotonin pathways.

Serotonin, “the happiness hormone”, impacts nearly every aspect of your health including sleep patterns, libido, mental health, organ function and much much more.

*Enter Dr. Don Coplin*

Dr. Don Coplin came across the shelved research and did what no one thought was possible: He transformed the serotonin-modulating polyphenols into a commercially viable product. He also obtained six utility patents on the polyphenols and their unique serotonin benefits.

Arego Life exclusively owns the right to use the patented formula of “Adaptenols” in each of our products.

How to succeed: Follow the 4 C’s

What are the four key principles to success?


Make sure you are committed to your business. Commit to put forth your best efforts daily for one year. You have to make the decision to be committed in order to succeed.

Contact your upline! Staying in contact with your upline is critical. Our system willteach you more about the importance of staying in contact with your upline.


Plug in!

4. App: Download The Arego Life app.

2. Texts: Go to: in your browser to opt-in to our daily texts and reminders. We’ll reminder you about our daily calls, tell you about our promotions and keep you in the loop.

3. Emails: When you sign up as a Marketing Partner with Arego Life, you should begin to automatically receive emails with updates, reminders, and promos to an email of your choice.

Make sure to WHITELIST Arego Life emails in within your email platform to ensure that you will always receive our emails. If you are not receiving our daily emails, please contact

4. Meetings: Show up to meetings! Stay involved and connected. Showing up to the meetings is critical to your success at Arego Life. It is important to know what is going on in your business. Click here to view our meeting schedule!


Be a product of the product. We don’t just mean the physical products we mean the system and culture of Arego Life. Make it part of who you are. Consume everything that we throw at you because it will help you improve your life and your business.


First, be coachable. Then, coach.

Step 1: Learn the System
Click here to learn about the Arego System!

Step 2: Teach the System
Enable your people to duplicate the process- This is how you’ll grow!


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