8/24/20 Corporate Update Call

Goal of the Week: Rank Up!

Get with your team and help them rank up by the end of the month! There’s only one week left.


Call With Darin Kidd

Last Saturday, we had an incredible call with Darin Kidd. Darin is an industry leader. We apologize that we were not able to set up simultaneous German translation. We will be releasing a German version of the call in the next day or so.


Mission to Mojo

Mission to Mojo is just beginning! Thanks to all of you we see quite a bit of buzz going on on Facebook. The next step is to launch Phase 2, which we are excited to do. We will be announcing Phase 2 details by the end of the month.

We would like to congratulate those of you that have won the Mission to Mojo competitions! Also, a big thanks to our MAC for helping promote Mission to Mojo.


Dr. Don Q&A Calls Are Back!

Starting this Wednesday, we will be starting the weekly Dr. Don Q&A calls again. Bring your friends and prospects to learn more about our products from the man who was instrumental in formulating the magic of Adapt and Auera.


Climb Cycle Bonus UPDATE

We still have the Climb Cycle Bonus. To achieve the bonus, you must Activate, team up and qualify to earn a $100 bonus! However, we no longer require this bonus to qualify for ranks.

This change will allow Marketing Partners to grow their businesses even easier. To hit the ranks, you only need to have $150 in PV. Once you have $150 in PV, you can hit ranks and gain access to lifestyle and other bonuses! 

6/30/20 Testimonial Call

Linda’s Story

Linda has had over fifteen years of esthetician experience. She has tried countless skin care products. When she heard that Arego was planning to release a skin care product, she was skeptical.

She decided to try the product anyways. The first thing she noticed was the quality of the ingredients. She noticed that the quality and types of ingredients were second to none. With the added cofactors and team of ingredients within Auera, there is a perfect synergistic blend. Auera came out of the gate with a massive punch in a good way.

Within one month, she could tell that her skin was changing. She noticed that she no longer needed to use skin oils that she had been using for years. My skin has always been very dry, but after the sixth week of using this product, she noticed that her skin was producing its own oil for the first time ever. She no longer struggles with dry skin!

6/9/20 Testimonial Call

Brandon’s Story

I tried the product every day for a month. The first day I really didn’t notice anything. But by the third day, I had the best night’s sleep that I’ve had in ten years! I was on the verge of getting ready to try Ambien because I have been struggling to sleep well for so long. Since using this product, I’ve had the best sleep in years the past month!

I have also been able to lose weight more easily than ever. I had hit a plateau right before I started taking Adapt. I consider what Adam gave me in Adapt, a gift. Thank you, Adam!

Robert’s Story

This product changed my life. I’ve had anxiety my entire life! When I took the spray, I almost immediately noticed that I was able to calm down. I also noticed that stomach problems that I have had my whole life began to go away. I could not eat many foods without getting very sick. I can now eat almost anything without getting sick!

The product also helped me with my allergies. I’ve had terrible allergies my entire life. After about six months of taking this product, I noticed that I no longer had allergies. I would say this product helped take about 90% of my allergies away!

Linda’s Story

I recently shared the product with a friend for his child. The child was struggling very badly with suicidal thoughts. Upon taking Adapt, the child was able to overcome his suicidal thoughts. This product is incredible.

4/28/20 USA Partner Corporate Update Call

Uniting The Team 

In the next few weeks, we will unite the Corporate Update calls in order to unite our global team. 


Aregohealth.com – LIVE

We have released aregohealth.com. We are loving your feedback and hope that this site will prove a useful tool as you share our products.


New Sites Coming 

We are preparing another site to help you market. We will release this site very shortly. 


Back Office Issue

We were notified that people were having difficulties accessing aregoresources.com through their back office. We have fixed this issue. To go to aregoresources.com, either go directly to the site or simply click on the “Resources” tab in the back office. 



4/21/20 Corporate Update Call

One Team

We will soon merge the corporate update calls for each region so that Arego can be one team! The calls will be available in other languages simultaneously. 

New Corporate Leader

We are hiring a new corporate leader in Europe. We are very excited about his potential and very confident in his abilities. We will introduce him very soon!

Marketing Pages

We are working on product specific pages for marketing. We are in the process of creating landing pages for both Adapt and Auera. These will be released shortly. At least one of the sites will be released this week. 

Customer Support

We have implemented a much more systematized approach handling our customer support inquiries. Please do not hesitate to reach out to jed@aregolife.com if you have any unresolved issues!