Goal of the Week: Rank Up!

Get with your team and help them rank up by the end of the month! There’s only one week left.


Call With Darin Kidd

Last Saturday, we had an incredible call with Darin Kidd. Darin is an industry leader. We apologize that we were not able to set up simultaneous German translation. We will be releasing a German version of the call in the next day or so.


Mission to Mojo

Mission to Mojo is just beginning! Thanks to all of you we see quite a bit of buzz going on on Facebook. The next step is to launch Phase 2, which we are excited to do. We will be announcing Phase 2 details by the end of the month.

We would like to congratulate those of you that have won the Mission to Mojo competitions! Also, a big thanks to our MAC for helping promote Mission to Mojo.


Dr. Don Q&A Calls Are Back!

Starting this Wednesday, we will be starting the weekly Dr. Don Q&A calls again. Bring your friends and prospects to learn more about our products from the man who was instrumental in formulating the magic of Adapt and Auera.


Climb Cycle Bonus UPDATE

We still have the Climb Cycle Bonus. To achieve the bonus, you must Activate, team up and qualify to earn a $100 bonus! However, we no longer require this bonus to qualify for ranks.

This change will allow Marketing Partners to grow their businesses even easier. To hit the ranks, you only need to have $150 in PV. Once you have $150 in PV, you can hit ranks and gain access to lifestyle and other bonuses! 

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