6/30/20 Testimonial Call

Linda’s Story

Linda has had over fifteen years of esthetician experience. She has tried countless skin care products. When she heard that Arego was planning to release a skin care product, she was skeptical.

She decided to try the product anyways. The first thing she noticed was the quality of the ingredients. She noticed that the quality and types of ingredients were second to none. With the added cofactors and team of ingredients within Auera, there is a perfect synergistic blend. Auera came out of the gate with a massive punch in a good way.

Within one month, she could tell that her skin was changing. She noticed that she no longer needed to use skin oils that she had been using for years. My skin has always been very dry, but after the sixth week of using this product, she noticed that her skin was producing its own oil for the first time ever. She no longer struggles with dry skin!