4/28/20 USA Partner Corporate Update Call

Uniting The Team 

In the next few weeks, we will unite the Corporate Update calls in order to unite our global team. 


Aregohealth.com – LIVE

We have released aregohealth.com. We are loving your feedback and hope that this site will prove a useful tool as you share our products.


New Sites Coming 

We are preparing another site to help you market. We will release this site very shortly. 


Back Office Issue

We were notified that people were having difficulties accessing aregoresources.com through their back office. We have fixed this issue. To go to aregoresources.com, either go directly to the site or simply click on the “Resources” tab in the back office. 



4/21/20 Corporate Update Call

One Team

We will soon merge the corporate update calls for each region so that Arego can be one team! The calls will be available in other languages simultaneously. 

New Corporate Leader

We are hiring a new corporate leader in Europe. We are very excited about his potential and very confident in his abilities. We will introduce him very soon!

Marketing Pages

We are working on product specific pages for marketing. We are in the process of creating landing pages for both Adapt and Auera. These will be released shortly. At least one of the sites will be released this week. 

Customer Support

We have implemented a much more systematized approach handling our customer support inquiries. Please do not hesitate to reach out to jed@aregolife.com if you have any unresolved issues! 

4/14/20 Corporate Update Call

We are slowly letting the cat out of the bag as things develop! So many exciting things are coming. We are also making sure that everything we have done over the last three weeks is translated and provided in each market.


Product Coming Back

We are excited to announce that one of our products will be coming back. It was temporarily taken off the market to complete documentation and testing. By the end of this week, we will let you know what date it will begin to be available!


New Websites

We will be releasing more websites this week to help you market Auera and Adapt. We are so excited to release these sites, as we believe they will be helpful tools for you to achieve your marketing goals. We will announce a date for the release of these sites later this week as well!



4/6/20 Corporate Update Call

Auera Update

We are so excited to announce that Auera will soon be rereleased back into all markets! Keep a weather eye out for it, as it will soon be available to order on our site in all areas of the world. Within the week, we will announce a date that you can start ordering Auera.  

I Know Why I Use Adapt!

Last month we ran a buy two, get one free promotion on Adapt. The results were phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this amazing product with those you know and love. The slogan for the campaign was “I know why I use Adapt!” We loved hearing why YOU use Adapt and how it has benefited you and those you know. 


Europe Translations

We are working on a TON of changes and improvements. We are focusing on translating all materials. Stay tuned for many new releases coming soon! 


App Releases 

The Arego Life App and the Arego Connect apps are now LIVE all over the world! We encourage you to get your teams on the app. The apps are excellent for communicating with your team easily and effectively. We will also begin sending our company announcements through the app. 



“What may seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the start of an incredible journey.”  

With all that is going on in the world, these times are tough. Remember, we are always here for you and we are so grateful to have you along on our journey!