Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business—both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.

The first step in making a targeted brand is to recognize that you are no longer attending social media as a consumer with the intent of mindlessly scrolling because you are bored. Instead, you are attending to build your business by creating reach and attraction. In essence, you are shifting to becoming a creator instead of a consumer of social media.

To create effective content, you must remember what you were looking for when you showed up as a consumer. Remember that consumers stop and pay attention to things that catch their interest, not ads or commercials. You have to create posts that will grab their attention and draw them in!

Why should you make a targeted brand?

Consumers want to read personal stories and feel connected to those that they follow. Your posts should be relatable, personal posts that draw people in. Your stories should target the types of people that you want to sell your product to.

How do you show up as a targeted brand?

Show up consistently. Be a person that people want to emulate consistently. Make sure you are posting quality content consistently.

What is the benefit of showing up as a targeted brand?

You’ll achieve slow, sustainable build with people that are actually engaged in your posts!

Types of Posts to Create to Market Adapt:

  • Research posts: Share exciting information about serotonin that makes your audience want more info!
  • Role model posts: People love to hear from genuine people. Talk about your successes. Make yourself a role model and someone others idolize!
  • Testimonials: Share your testimonial as well as others’! Be genuine. Talk about how Adapt has changed your life.

What is MY brand?

Your brand is…

  • YOUR results
  • YOUR life experiences

Watch below to learn more about how to make compelling social media posts!

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